Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1907 Tourist Model K

Hi everyone,
Today's car is a real beauty and a relatively new addition to the LeMay Family Collection at Marymount.
Its a 1907 Tourist Model K.

They were built in Los Angeles, CA from 1902 through 1910 by the Auto Vehicle Company. In 1907 under 500 of the Model K's were built.

It features a "two man Bow-legged top" but I am not exactly sure what that means.
Have to look into it.

Here are a few more pictures of this real beauty!

The model K car was the last two cylinder to have the name of Tourist. The car's engine had 20 horsepower and was located under the middle of the driver's seat.

Unfortunately the Auto Vehicle Company was sold to the California Automobile Company which in just five short years would itself shut down.

However, it left behind some beautiful cars including the Model K.

If you happen to know where I could get more information about the this Tourist Model K or any other years of the Model K I would love to hear about it, since I could not locate a great deal on this classic car.

However,  A special note of thanks to the LeMay Family Collection at Marymount for their wealth of information and access to take pictures of  their beautiful vehicles.

'Til next time have a wonderful day everyone!

1899 Baldwin Steamer

This cool looking old time car is an 1899 Baldwin Steamer, as of 2010 the oldest car in the LeMay Family Collection.

 Here's a few interesting tidbits that makes me so happy that our technology has improved since 1899.

First of all the Baldwin Steamer took about twenty minutes to get started and its boiler needed to be refilled every twenty miles.

And the second and most important reason why I'm happy for all the safety features of today's cars is that the Baldwin steamer's boiler over time did have the potential of exploding. And guess where the boiler was located???

That's right, it was directly under the driver's seat, talk about sitting in the hot seat. Okay, bad joke but while this cool classic old car does stand in time as being a stepping stone to where we are today and it is a cute little automobile - I'm certainly glad for today's technology.

I hope you found this little blog interesting - Thanks to LeMay Family Collection Foundation for the information about this wonderful old classic car.

'Til next time have an amazing day everyone,